Friday, April 2, 2010

Fred Meyer: FREE BC potatoes and cheap brie!

Fred Meyer: $1.28 spent, $16.27 saved (93%)
Note: my Fred Meyer savings total doesn't reflect savings in sale prices, only what I used in coupons. I'm newer to shopping FM and just noticed that their receipts don't include your savings as a result of sale prices. That seems odd to me, but every store is different. This was done in two separate transactions in order to make the best of the BC potato deal, here are the details for those of you interested:

Transaction #1:
  • 3 BC Potato Pouches (used $0.40 coupons printed from here, here, here, here, or here)
  • 2 SBC drinks (used FREE item catalina coupons- found in the coupon trading basket)
  • President Brie Log $3.99 (used $3 printable)
  • King Sized Reese's PB cups (FREE, this was a prize from the Hit the Hoops game)
  • Kraft Cheese (FREE, also a prize from HtH game)
  • I used a $3 catalina I earned last week by buying 3 pouches of BC potatoes, to bring my total down to only $0.54 and I got back another $3 off my next purchase catalina!

Transaction #2:

  • 1 lb. Strawberries $1.67
  • 3 pouches of BC potatoes (only used two $0.40 coupons this time, my printer ran out of ink)
  • 2 cans Mighty Dog food (used FREE item coupons from last week's paper)
  • I paid using the $3 catalina earned in my previous transaction, plus a $1 catalina someone had discarded in the coupon trading basket. The dog food was taxed, so I ended up paying $0.74 and getting back another $3 catalina good on my next purchase.
My mom's FM deal: $0.31 spent, $8.98 saved (97%)
My mom lucked out and won a $5 credit on her Fred Meyer card by playing the March Madness/ Hit the Hoops game, so she was able to buy quite a bit of produce for pennies. She also won a 20oz coke zero from the same game and found a FREE SBC catalina coupon in the basket herself (did we get lucky, or what?). This was an awesome deal- and it just goes to show that you can get amazing deals on produce using coupons when you know what you're doing!

Reminder: Don't forget that you can usually print two copies of each printable coupon- but making photocopies is a big no-no.


  1. Awesome deals! How were you able to play the Hit the Hoops game? I tried to sign up, but it wouldn't recognize Fred Meyer as a Kroger after some trial and error, I picked a Kroger store in Illinois, but then when it made me put in my rewards card number it didn't recognize it and said it had never been used...

  2. Actually, I just tried my mom's Fred Meyer card number and it said it was "not a recognized Kroger card number." :oP

  3. Sara, I'm so sorry- I think I posted the wrong link! I've fixed it to go straight to the Fred Meyer version, hope that helps!!

  4. Maygan, Great job! I just went and did the Betty Crocker Potatoes deal today but I only thought there were coupons from SmartSource and Thanks for those other links. I think I'll go back again this week and roll my catalinas one more time. Free potatoes! :)
    Also, I've never purchased or used Brie Cheese. What do you use it for? Is there a long expiration date? I think being pregnant I can't have it since it's in the soft cheese catagory, but for 99 cents it would be nice to try it after I give birth in 3 weeks. I just don't want to get it and have it go bad. Any serving suggestions?

  5. Jane, I only ever use it on crackers or with fruit and then only for entertaining. I think there are a few good recipes for it out there somewhere.