Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some MAJOR deal shopping at QFC

QFC: $0.80 spent, $75.25 saved (99%)
Not pictured: 10 more boxes BC potatoes, 2 boxes Barilla Fettuccine, a free reusable bag, and a package of Guererro Corn Tortillas. Plus, I have a $3 catalina good for my next trip, so really all of this was a $2.20 moneymaker- and that's beyond awesome because I really did need sour cream and corn tortillas! (Quick Note: the FREE bag qualifies you for a $0.03 bag credit, which can also be donated in case you're looking at a zero dollar total.) Thanks to Queen Bee Coupons for bringing this HOT deal to my attention!

What am I going to do with that many boxes of potatoes? I'll be honest- I only kept a few boxes and the rest are going straight to St. Vincents. I'd rather make my own mashed potatoes, but this was such a great deal to do for donation purposes that we couldn't pass it up.
My mom's haul: $2.19 spent, over $50 saved!Not Pictured are another 9 boxes BC potatoes, 2 doughnuts, Feta Cheese, Mission Corn Tortillas, Cottage Cheese, and Free Reusable bag. She's also got a $3 catalina for her next QFC trip.

Another quick note: If you don't have any coupons, this deal still works out to be FREE when you buy 3 boxes at a time. Your total on the first batch will be $3 with a $3 catalina printing after the transaction is complete- but you can use that same $3 coupon to buy another 3 boxes and will continue to receive a $3 catalina with each transaction.


  1. The grandsons and I ate the two donuts before she could take a photo of them! haha... yummy chocolate covered!

  2. I like to take them camping :) Makes it easy :)