Friday, April 16, 2010

QFC: BC potatoes helped buy me milk!

$2.99 spent, $38.23 saved (93% savings)
I was excited after leaving the store yesterday thinking about how I should go back today and buy some gallons of milk, knowing the $1 of overage from each set of BC potatoes would make a gallon only $1.39. Until I realized today that buying the half gallons made more sense since they're on sale for only $1.25- that's only $0.25 for 1/2 gallon of milk and 3 boxes of potatoes! There's no way I can pass up milk at $0.50 a gallon. You know I'll be headed back in before Sunday (and keeping my fingers crossed for more peelies) to do it again!

The only non-milk transaction included the sausage and veggies- each item is $1 but because I had so many ecoupons loaded for the veggies, I figured I needed to buy enough stuff to make sure my total didn't go negative. However, only one ecoupon came off making the total for that deal $1.10- a whole dollar more than expected! That's okay though, because it still worked out nicely- kind of like paying $1.50/gallon for milk that I needed anyways and I can't be bummed about that!


  1. I wasn't going to do this deal but the overage would be great for some milk and eggs. Thanks for the idea. :-)

  2. Queen Bee Coupons says that the catalina only goes until Sunday the 18th. I just didn't want you trying on Tuesday and finding out the hard way.
    Thanks for all the tips.

  3. thanks Rachel! I suppose I'll have to head back in today or tomorrow then!!

  4. GO maygan!

    It's oshie btw.

  5. lol oshie! thanks for stopping by, I felt so silly buying a whole gallon and then realizing on the way out that I should have been buying in half gallons!