Friday, April 30, 2010

Shopping everywhere yesterday

Total Spent: $5.73, Total Saved: $42.95 (89%)
  • Placker's Floss, sale $2.00 (used $0.50 q) $1.50 with $2RR back


  • 6 Bags of Lay's chips on sale "Buy One (@ $3.99), Get One FREE"
  • used two "Buy 2, get 1 FREE" tearpad coupons in store
  • Paid $3.99 for a total of 6 bags (3 free from sale, two free from q's)
  • I found $1.50/2 any Mission product tearpads here too, so then we had to go to...
  • 6 Mission Flour Totillas $0.79 each with in-ad coupon
  • used three $1.50/2 Mission q's to pay only $0.24 for all 6 bags!
  • Note: we actually did this 4 times and took a few bags full of tortillas down to St. Vincents- this is an awesome donation item so if you have the extra q's and a little bit of time- be sure to grab some extras!

I also swung by Safeway to take advantage of a few great prices in-store, pay too much for milk, and to use up my $1 Seattle's Best Coffee Iced Latte q's (Safeway has these on sale for $1 each this week, so FREE!). Of course, I didn't make it there til much later so those items are not pictured.


  1. I am new to couponing. Can you please explain how you were able to get 6 bags of chips for 3.99? I don't understand how the coupons all worked out. Thank so much!

  2. I'm not understanding the coupons on the chips either. I would think if you're buying 6 and they're BOGO(QFC sale)you enter your club card number and it would come out to pay for 3 get 3 FREE.
    So you have three bags now that you are supposedly paying for, I would think you would only be able to use 1 B2G1 free coupon since that amounts to 3 bags(the 3 bags left)?
    What am I missing?

  3. I bought my Misson Toritillas at Safeway yesterday as I don't have an Albertsons close by. Paid $0.24/each. Not as great as .04/each but I was happy with it.

  4. Thanks so much for posting the Seattle's Best Coffee deal! I had missed that one somehow and thanks to you got in on it - just in the nick of time as the coupon expires today! My hubby is a happy guy! :-)

  5. The chips can be confusing (one of my favorite cashiers was actually waiting for me to come in and show her because she had figured the best way was to buy 4 using one coupon- so, paying for one and getting 3 free).

    The easiest way to think of it is to disregard the sale to figure the coupons. Since the coupon requires you to buy 2 bags for every 1 you get free, you purchase 4 bags and an additional 2 free with the coupon. The sale also takes off 3 of the 6 automatically (even though you aren't paying full price for your bags, you are still purchasing them and your coupon use is acceptable). I hope that helps with the confusion some, but if not I'll tackle the math bit...

    The cashier I has wasn't sure it would work out so easily, but that's the way it always works with these kinds of sales and coupons. The math always works best when you figure out what amounts the sale and coupon require you to buy in (in this case, you need to buy in sets of 3 for the coupon and sets of 2 for the BOGO sale) and then find the lowest common denominator (6 in this case). Since there are two sets of 3 in 6, you know to use two coupons. Likewise, since there are three sets of 2 in 6, you know the sale will take off the cost of three bags.

  6. Thanks for the great explanation!!

  7. Thanks Maygan that really was a great explanation! Thanks for the help!

  8. I'm just glad it made sense!

  9. Thanks for the tip on the Mission tear pad Q's. I scored 6 today for 24¢ I hope they freeze well!

  10. I couldn't find any tearpads for Lays or Mission tortillas today at the Des Moines QFC. So sad...

    Did you find them by the products?


  11. Kim- I've never done it myself but I have heard they do freeze well (just be sure to keep them in the fridge when you're done).

    J+S, the mission q's are being found in Corona/Cine De Mayo displays (mine was by the deli). The Lay's q's were right by the chips- so sorry you didn't have any luck but I'd keep checking for the mission q's!