Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Safeway: Who doesn't need Starbucks Ice Cream?!

$9.88 spent, $48.12 saved (85% savings)
Today is the last day for some of these sale prices, but the Ice Cream promo continues through next week so you have plenty of time to take advantage of that deal! Here's what I did:
  • BC Warm Delights $1.95 (took off $2 in ecoupons) -$0.05
  • SunChips $3.49 (used FREE item coupon, took off $3.79) -$0.30
  • Pace Cheese Sauce $3.19 (used FREE item coupon I won here, took off $4) -$0.71
  • 2 Starbucks Caramel Macchiato $3.29 each (used $2/2 ecoupon*, buy 3 promo took off $1 each, and I used $0.75 printables) $0.54 each
  • Starbucks Hot Chocolate $2.79 (it's a new flavor so the price is lower, promo took off $1, also used $0.75 printable) $1.04 (or else all 3 average out to $0.71 each)
  • 6 Always Infinity $3.99 (buy 3, save $3 promo took off $6, used $1 ecoupon, used 6 $2 coupons) $0.82 each
  • Bread $0.99
  • Drumsticks $3.18 (30% off took off $0.95) $2.23
  • Bananas $1.39
  • Onion $0.83
  • Tax was $1.54

Overall, I would call this a good shopping trip- especially with 2 pints of my favorite ice cream sitting in the freezer! There seemed to be better produce prices included in next week's sales (and $1.69/lb ground beef @ Safeway on Saturday) so I'll be waiting for those prices to kick in tomorrow/this weekend so I can stock up. The overage I got from the free Pace and the free Sunchips is not something I'm used to seeing or getting, but the assistant manager was ringing me up and that's the way he did things- so I wasn't going to argue with him.

*There's also a $2 off 2 pints ecoupon for Ben&Jerry's and they are also included in Safeway's "Buy 3, save $3 promo" at varying prices. Might be worth it if this is your favorite!


  1. I do like Ben & Jerry's ice cream! can't print coupons yet though

  2. There are no printable coupons for the B&J's ice cream, sorry! I've heard reports of coupons being found at 7-11, but haven't seen any myself.

  3. I just ran to my safeway and got 2 of your deals... my changes were, I got 3 pints of Starbucks strawberry frap (my husband likes strawberry and its not my fav, so maybe I won't touch it!) and the special at my store was after the $3 instantly off, I got them for $1.79 ea, I had 2 .75 manuf q and the $2 e q and I ended up paying .62 each! I did the always pad, but only had 2/$2 q and 1/$1 q and the $1 ecoup, did not do as well as you, but I am happy. I need to tell you that I LOVE when you post the pictures of your deals, yours is one of my fav blogs. Thanks.

  4. Anon, I'm glad you were able to get in on the deals!