Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Safeway: Here's the Breakdown on Ben & Jerry's

I got a comment on my Safeway Trip post yesterday about the Ben & Jerry's being included in the current Ice Cream Promo at Safeway and wanted to respond. Sadly, there are no printable Ben & Jerry's coupons, but that doesn't mean you still can't work out a great deal. Here's the information you'll want to know:

The promo is a "Buy 3, save $3" instant discount meaning you must buy 3 at a time. If you want more, you'll need to buy them in sets of 3. You can mix and match with Starbucks or any other ice cream variety included. I'll post scenarios below so that you can decide which deal is best for you.

Coupons for Ben & Jerry's are hard to find. I've heard reports on tearpads at stores like 7-11 but have never seen them myself. I did find some on ebay for a sale last year (that worked out to be a money maker or else I would not have ordered ice cream coupons) so you might check there if you really want to but I wouldn't imagine this sale is worth it. Obviously, if you're lucky enough to have/find some, you'll be able to snag an even better deal.

Different flavors have different prices. All of the "new" flavors are cheaper, which means you save even more except that your favorite is most likely more expensive. That's okay because you can still get a good deal.

  • Here are the $1.79 (after discount) flavors of Ben&Jerry's: Dulce Delish, Mud Pie, Peanut Brittle, Boston Cream Pie, Milk and Cookies, Light Phish Food. All other flavors are $2.29 after discount.
  • These are the "new" Starbucks flavors: Strawberries and Creme Frappucino, Vanilla Bean, Frappucino, and Hot Chocolate.

You need to load the $2/2 ecoupon to get the best deal. You can only load it once per Safeway Card, so if you need more ice cream- borrow a friend's card and load the ecoupon "for them". At this point, if you also want Starbucks Ice Cream, be sure to load that ecoupon as well, and print this $0.75 Starbucks Ice cream coupon as many times as you can (there's a limit of 2 per computer). Skipping B&J's? If you have access to 2 computers and can print 3 of the $0.75 coupons, 3 new Starbucks will cost only $1.12 (or $0.38 each) and 3 regular pints would be only $2.62 (or $0.88 each!).

Now, the math part:

  • 3 "new" flavors of Ben and Jerrys @ $2.79 each: $8.37 (minus $3 promo and $2 in ecoupons)= $3.37 or $1.13 each
  • 3 Ben and Jerry's @ $3.29 each: $9.87 (minus $3 promo and $2 in ecoupons)= $4.87 or $1.63 each
  • Mix and Match B&J's: a combination of the 3 will cost you somewhere between $3.37 and $4.87. This is still a great price for Ben & Jerry's.
  • 3 "new" B&J's and 3 "new" Starbucks flavors @ $2.79 each= $16.74 (minus $6 promo, $4 in ecoupons, and $2.25 for 3 Starbuck's printables)= $4.49 or $0.78 each
  • 3 B&J's and 3 Starbucks @ $3.29 each= $19.74 (minus $6 promo, $4 in ecoupons, and $2.25 for 3 Starbuck's printables)= $7.94 or $1.25 each
  • Mix and Match B&J's and Starbucks for a combination of 6. This will land you somewhere in the range of $0.78-$1.25 per pint. (The cheapest option would be 2 new B&J's and 4 new Starbucks, provided you could print 4 of the Starbucks coupons. You'd pay only $3.74 or $0.62/pint. Upgrading to 2 of the more expensive B&J's would only bring your total to $4.74 or $0.79/pint.)
  • And one scenario that seems to be popular despite not buying in threes, because it get's you the more expensive B&J's for less: 2 B&J's and 2 "new" Starbuck's= $12.16 (minus $3 promo, $4 in ecoupons, and $1.50 for 2 Starbuck's printables)= $3.66 or $0.92 each

Hopefully this will make doing the deal easier for some of you, especially with the prices all mapped out. The only thing you'll need to watch out for is that some Safeways seem to limit people to one like printable coupon per transaction.


  1. Hello, there is a coupon at that you can load on your safeway card for $2 off 2 pints ben and jerry's as well as $2 off 2 pints starbucks. My area code is 98674...hope this will work for others! Happy saving!

  2. I used the ben & jerries ecoupon today and was able to reload it on my card tonight! No luck on the starbucks.