Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Christmas Shopping?

There are a ton of great posts around the blogosphere today regarding after Christmas shopping! Here are a few especially handy posts you may want to read:
  • For The Mommas has compiled a handy list of Return Policies for a few different stores (just in case you have anything you need to return).
  • Christy over at The Bargain Jargon has an awesome post that gives you an idea of when prices will drop further in addition to her tips to make your after Christmas shopping a success.
  • The Coupon Project has the scoop on Macy's After Christmas Sale and Gamestop's $20 in-store credit for qualified trade in's.
  • If you're headed to Victoria's Secret, you may want to print this coupon good for a FREE Beatuy Rush Lipgloss with any purchase.

We went out this morning and found a few neat things including some Christmas books and stocking stuffers for the boys next year (at Target- the good stuff goes super quickly at my store- and Barnes and Noble). Target also had clear tree shaped glass jars for $2.50 that would be adorable stuffed with something (I just don't know what yet); there were a few but I bought one just in case they all sell at 50% off. We kind of lucked out and found where some lady (who must've been there when the store opened and grabbed all the good stuff was sorting through to decide what to buy) was dumping things. We also hit Michael's (50-60% off) and found a nice gingerbread cookie mold (tiny houses- so cute!) for only $4.99 plus some adorable clear ornaments filled with festive bath confetti for $0.40 each (I'll use these to dress up packages). I passed on ornaments, wrapping paper, and bows- but will likely go back once the stores hit 75% or 90% to buy these things. Did you fins anything great today? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I stayed home today, and worked outside all day long. I filled 6 trash cans with vincas (that had frozen) and other yard trimmings, and my husband and children filled another 7 (with dead tomato plants, etc).

    I spent nothing and got my yard prepared to plant new tomatoes in 7 weeks!