Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FREE panty from VS

It's another free panty from Victorias Secret, this time with any pink purchase! Log into (or join) VSPink.com to print your coupon. I've heard most stores still have Pink brand lollipops at the counter for only $1.50 each- it's probably the cheapest way to get your free panty! If you don't see them, don't be afraid to ask, some stores have them tucked away since they're running a FREE mini dog with Pink purchase promo as well- if they have them they will let you buy them. (note: I don't think you can get undies and a dog unless you buy 2 items or make 2 separate purchases, but if you're feeling gutsy you can ask).

edit: The underwear is kind of ugly and not worth a trip itself. Unless you're looking for your crotch/behind to be covered in some weird VS slogan, like "give me everything I want". I ended up skipping the free undies entirely!

While you're there, remember that you can redeem your SRC's as of today. I checked mine already online (by pretending to make an order) and they're each only worth $10 but you might have a lucky $500 card!

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  1. Joined and printed mine! Yay! Thank so much for the heads up!