Thursday, December 3, 2009

Safeway Trip: more hamburger

$15.16 spent, $24.37 saved
I used up a lot of my hamburger meat during freezer cooking day, so I figured I'd better buy more while the price was good. This is about 12lbs, so we'll be set for a while. I also grabbed some bags of chocolate chips using this $1 printable coupon, making them $1 each (They're a better deal at Albertsons this week, only $0.69 after in-ad coupon and IP- but I didn't know that). I used my last $5 catalina from the HFTH promo. I still have quite a bit of produce and don't imagine I'll need to spend too much more this week.
edit (12/7): I've since spent another $20 on milk, produce, 2 dozen eggs, a bag of doritos, and a few 2liters of pepsi. I did not post these trips so I'm adding it here so I won't forget to add it to my weekly total!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I rarely go to Safeway, so I didn't know about this deal. I do have a store close by. I assume this is this week's sale? Maybe I'll have to stop in.


  2. Jane, which deal? The hamburger is $1.59/lb all week and the Nestle Chocolate chips are $2 (or $1 after coupon) all week.

    The $0.69 chocolate chips (after in-ad q and IP) are at Albies and I think that's good all week.