Friday, December 4, 2009

Redbox: Free Monthly Movie Changes!

Redbox is changing how they offer their FREE movie code on the first Monday of each month. Instead of sending out one code we can all share with anyone, they'll be sending out individual codes good for a one time use only. To sign up to receive text alerts from Redbox, click here. While you're there, take an extra second to sign up for emails if you haven't already, they give out a personalized one time use code for that too.

I have signed up for this and they rarely send me messages (except for the free movie codes on Monday). Still, I would be hesitant to sign up if I didn't have a great texting plan on my phone already in case that changes.


  1. Thanks, I will sign up. I've always found out the Redbox info from other bloggers!

  2. I got the email regarding this is other day. Thanks for posting this. I'll link up to you since you've said it so well. :)
    Thanks, Jane