Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RiteAid: Prell MoneyMaker!

I was so excited about this deal yesterday I went out and did it and then forgot to post about it. This week at Rite Aid Prell is on sale for $0.99 a bottle AND it qualifies for a $2 SCR! Even better, you can buy up to 5 bottles per household- making this one super easy moneymaker!! With tax, each set of 5 bottles will cost $5.38 but you'll get back $10. This is my husbands favorite shampoo so I bought several bottles for him, it's going to be really nice not to have to think about buying him shampoo for a while!

Don't forget that RA also has the Gift of Savings deal going on through December 24th. Kim over at Puget Sound Prudence has a great post explaining about this deal! (Thanks for the reminder to post the Prell deal too!)

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