Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Menu Plan (Tuesday?) and a Giveaway!

Even though I've been prepared for Christmas for quite some time, I'm still a little bit surprised at how quickly it's creeping up on me this year (seriously, wasn't it just Thanksgiving??). Thanks goodness I have all those freezer meals stashed away, because if it weren't for those- I don't know what I'd be making! Here's my menu plan for the week, it's really pretty uneventful.

Monday: Progresso High Fiber Minestrone soup (sound good? keep reading!)
Tuesday: Beef Stew (from the freezer)
Wednesday: Christmas Eve's Eve Dinner at MIL's house
Thursday: Prime Rib Roast (having my mom over)
Friday: Christmas!
Saturday: Tacos and Crockpot Refried Beans
Sunday: Baked Potato soup
Progresso has recently rolled out 4 new soups (Chicken Tuscany, Creamy Tomato Basil, Hearty Vegetable & Noodles and Homestyle Minestrone), each of which contains 28% of your daily fiber intake per serving (7 grams) and have no added MSG or artificial flavors. Sounds pretty cool, right? Even better, Progresso (through MyBlogSpark) sent me a pack which included the High Fiber Minestrone, two HUGE soup mugs, and two spoons so I could try it out myself.*

The husband was a bit reluctant to try the high fiber variety because he doesn't like "healthy" canned soups (of course, I don't think he'd ever admit to that). Except that he did like this, and so did the toddler (he thinks anything with beans is good). As for me? I think it was a bit on the salty side (I usually only buy low sodium varieties of Progresso because they generally seem saltier to me, but I also don't cook with salt unless it's needed). I did enjoy trying such an easy way to incorporate fiber into our diets, but unless they introduce a high fiber/low sodium variety- I don't imagine I'll be buying it. I think that if you're looking for an easy way to get some extra fiber and already enjoy any of Progresso's 75 other flavors, you'll like this. I think my favorite part was just having a super easy dinner night as we enter this week of craziness.

Now, the fun part? I get to giveaway a prize pack thanks to Progresso and MyBlogSpark! You'll get two oversized soup mugs (these are great!), two spoons, and a can of Progresso High Fiber Homestyle Minestrone to try for yourself! To enter, just leave me a comment with your favorite way to incorporate a little bit of extra fiber into your (or your family's) diet before December 27th at 9 pm PST. I'll pick a winner using Random.org and announce it sometime on Monday the 28th. Good luck!

*Disclaimer: I was given the package mentioned above for free from Progresso through MyBlogSpark. I was also provided with information regarding the new line of soups and the chance to offer a second prize pack to one of my readers. I was not told what to say, and all opinions are my own.


  1. A few ideas are:

    Slice apples for snacks and keep the skin on.

    Lightly cook fresh veggies so they're still crunchy, they retain nutrients this way.

    Use whole grain pasta, I love the taste of whole grain pasta over regular any day!

  2. Progresso Soups high in fiber is a fabulous way to increase fiber in your diet! Especially this time of year!

    Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli! haha... just add broccoli to everything! My kids loved Broccoli pizza! Use a pizza crust, thin layer of spaghetti sauce, then top with Broccoli, Carrots (finely chopped), Onion and cheeses! Yummy!

  3. I ended up adding oats to soups instead of barley. My baby doesn't know any better, and, since he and I eat the same thing, I get the extra bit of fiber too.

  4. Just started using some high fiber pasta (that I got for free from couponing). Also apples and broccoli (but not together).

  5. I love the new high fiber Progresso soups! We also eat alot of whole grain pasta and everyone in my house likes Fiber One yogurt

  6. Grind up Fiber One cereal and mix it in just about anything (I like to mix it w/ bread crumbs when, making chicken fingers).

  7. Add Flax seed to oatmeals, meatloaf, any baked goods.

    Mix bran buds in kids cereals for breakfast.

  8. We eat lots of oats and beans along with high fiber pasta (with fruits and veggies of course!). thanks for the giveaway Maygan!

  9. I love Minestrone soup, with lots of beans!! Can we say fiber?!! :) Yum!! I also eat an apple a day or two! :) purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  10. I eat a lot of beans in my diet and I love them in soup!

  11. We eat a lot of oatmeal and I add beans into everything I can think of.

  12. my dad eats lots of oatmeal and we really like the baked beans from bush's and b&m