Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weekly Spending Review 12/2-12/8

The deals were not amazing this week so besides the one trip I took a photo of and posted, I only went out 2 more times. Once for milk and another time to grab some produce, 2 dozen eggs, and take advantage of Safeway's weekend sale on Pepsi & Doritos. So there was this trip:
$15.16 spent, $24.37 saved

plus an additional $20 on everything else mentioned above. That brings my totals for the week up to:

$35.16 spent
$40.37 saved
That's not a bad week, it's still below the $50 a week budget I've been trying to stick with. I do think I'll be spending more this week as I've noticed we're running low on a few things. Plus, I'm kind of in-love with these candy penguin cupcake toppers so I might need a few extra things for them. Now, I just need a hot deal on some prime rib roast for Christmas Eve!

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  1. Looks like you did good! My daughter has been sick, so I haven't done my review yet. I hope I get to it today!