Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekly Spending Review

I spent more than usual this week, but a good chunk of it qualified me for rebates! (thank goodness I finished Christmas shopping early!). I did make two unphotographed trips for groceries, one to Rite Aid where I spent $1.49 out of pocket (savings $13) and another to Albertsons where I spent $8.95 and saved $9.50. I also purchased Prell at Rite Aid and spent another $5.38 there (saved $17.45), but will get back $10. This first photo is of my Safeway trip last night:
Safeway: $17.88 spent, $30.90 saved (63%)
I bought the Ritz to submit for the $10 rebate in my mom's name (she took some home too), the eggs were free (with $20 purchase- my total pre-coupons was over $20), and milk was just something we needed.
Safeway: $26.87 spent, $56.34 saved (68%)
You can click the photo above for details if you'd like. That brings my grand totals for the week up to:
Total Spent: $ 60.57 (yikes!)
Total Saved: $127.19
Even with $30 in rebates coming back, that's definitely more than I like to spend. I am planning a run again for tonight to grab some cereal (we're almost out) and a few things for the husband's work potluck tomorrow. I also still need a roast for Christmas Eve, but want to spend less this week than I did last week.


  1. With all those rebates coming I think you did great! When I read blogs from other parts of the country, I think we have it a little tougher around here to find deals. (My shopping was so crummy last week that I don't even want to post it!)

  2. Thanks Kim. I hate posting all my details when I spend this month, but it's honest...I wish I could spend less than $30 a week on everything but I'm just not there yet!