Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weekly Spending Review

This past week was mostly one for stocking up on things we had started to run low on and buying a few necessities. In addition to what you see pictured, I spent another $10 (and saved just as much) to buy: 10lbs. potatoes, package bacon, cheese sticks, a vegan frozen dinner (just to have on hand), 2 gallons of milk, and some large carrots. Other than that, everything is pictured below (you can click the photo for the original post if you want details):
Safeway: $7.92 spent, $25.00 saved
Safeway: $30.90 spent, $67.22 saved

It certainly wasn't my best week ever, but it wasn't terrible either. Next month I'll be trying to eat a lot from our pantry/stockpile, and should be doing less shopping. Besides milk/produce (and maybe an Albies trip for freebies) I am done grocery shopping for the year. My grand totals for the week were:
$48.82 spent
$102.22 saved

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