Monday, November 30, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day Plan

I know I mention this before, twice already (once when I posted my menu plan and again when I told you all about my head start) but I'm excited! I did participate last month, but it was my first real attempt at massive freezer cooking in one day kind and I was slightly disorganized. This is what I hope to have done by the end of the day:
  • Meatloaf x2 : I freeze mine uncooked and then pop directly in the oven
  • Crockpot Refried Beans x2 : enough for dinner and 2 batches for freezing
  • Pumpkin Bread x 2 : should make 4 loaves- one for now, 3 for the freezer
  • Meatballs: 2 dozen, to be cooked, then frozen
  • Almond Poppyseed muffins : I'm testing out a new recipe so will only be making a single batch today
  • Turkey Pot Pie soup x2 : All to be frozen, this will be enough for 4 meals
...and this is what my plan of action looks like:
  • Chop veggies (everything except the potatoes for the soup). will set aside onions for dinner and meatloaf. Carrots and celery for pot pie soup.
  • Get Crockpot Refried Beans assembled and cooking in the crockpot
  • Assemble Meatloaf and Meatballs
  • Pop the meatballs into the oven and the meatloaf into the freezer
  • Clean up break
  • Flash freeze cooked meatballs
  • Start Pumpkin Bread (and measure dry ingredients for poppyseed muffins while I have everything out)
  • Put pumpkin bread in the oven
  • Chop potatoes
  • Start Turkey Pot Pie soup
  • Strain and mash beans (while soup boils)- freeze some, leave the rest in the crockpot to serve with dinner
  • Divide Meatballs into 2 freezer bags
  • Cool & Freeze Turkey Pot Pie Soup
  • Another cleaning break- may need to start dishwasher!
  • Start poppyseed muffins, while those are baking I'll do the rest of my dinner prep (taco night: shred lettuce & cheese, drain olives, get everything together in the fridge so it can all come out quickly)
  • Freeze Poppyseed muffins
The toddler is a HUGE help in the kitchen (he's great at stirring, sorting, distracting baby, and taste testing) but I'll probably need quite a few breaks. I am feeling kind of ambitious but I think my plan for tomorrow is also realistic- it'll be nice to have 8 full meals and a variety of baked goods/odds&ends at the end of the day. With the 2 batches of Albondigas already done and the spare batch of stew I'll be making later this week, it'll be at least 11 meals I won't have to cook in December!

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