Saturday, November 14, 2009

Free photo cards in time for Christmas!

Freebies4Mom has a really amazing offer on her site that works to get you 50 FREE photocards (plus FREE shipping to go with it) just in time for you to make some holiday cards! I just put my Christmas cards together and ordered them (it was entirely free, I didn't pay a single penny!) and was thrilled to see how easy the site was to use. They do come with the envelopes you need as well, I don't think customized holiday cards get any easier than this.

Even cooler, they don't have to be 50 of the same card (but you do need to order a total of 50 cards for this to work) so if you've got multiple card ideas, go ahead and use them! You have until November 30th to use the promo card so hurry up! For more information, click the photo at the top of this post. Thank you very much Freebies4Mom!!!

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