Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weekly Spending Review

I mentioned before, but with a fully stocked pantry we've been eating from the stockpile quite a bit lately. It's been so nice not to have to run out for groceries! We did the same last week and didn't hardly spend much at all, and this week was even better. Want to see how I did? You can click each photo for more details, but here's what I purchased:

Safeway: $3.26 spent, $38.44 saved
Albertsons: $1.89 spent, $19.22 saved
Safeway: $15.06 on a gift card, $26.00 saved
Target: $8.56 spent, $6.95 saved
I also made a trip to RiteAid using my Fall Gift of Savings check and spent less than $0.25 on 3 bags of M&M's and some very cute edible snowflakes. Plus one more Safeway trip for 2 gallons of milk and a bag of salad that cost about $6 on the gift card. I don't know my savings from either of those trips so I'm not adding them to my totals. Ready to see my grand totals?
I spent $13.96 out-of-pocket
I saved over $90.61
and I have $20 in catalinas for Safeway!

I would call this one super awesome week! I do need to get back to the bargain hunting full time as I'm down to 2lbs of beef in the freezer and will be needing more toilet paper soon. Luckily, ground beef should be on sale next week at Safeway(80% Lean ground beef $1.49lb or 85% lean at 1.99lb (extreme value pack))- what a perfect way to use all my catalinas!


  1. Hi Maygan, I'm not much of a Safeway shopper, but now that I have more coupons I want to try this deal. I can't find my ad though. Do you think I can try to buy 14 butters and get the $5 promo (as well as others)? I've looked at the ad online but can't find the promo. I understand the 50% off thing makes it risky, but it's worth a shot!

  2. Kim, yes the safeway ad runs through today and the deal is supposed to be good next week too. 14 butters will qualify you, and you should get back $19 in catalinas (seven $2 cats and one $5 cat).

  3. Thanks Maygan! Unfortunately I'm still having issues with my other printer. If I can get the darn thing to work I'll be trying the deal. Great savings this week!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You did great!!! Wish I had a Safeway.