Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping: Target & Albertsons

Target: $4.52 spent, over $10 saved
I didn't have the Target coupon for Del Monte veggies when I went, but I still feel pretty good about this trip. This is for my part of the foodbank challange, I'll update you when I find out where to spend my remaining $5.46! To see more of the Target deals I like this week and how to do them, visit this post. (Please ignore my kitchen mess, the toddler and I were in the midst of prepping stuffed manicotti).

Albertsons: -$1.65, saved $34.97
Let me just say that I've never actually been paid in cash for any grocery trip so that was pretty cool. I did use a $5 catalina to pay, so it wasn't like I actually made money doing this- but I'm happy with the end results either way. Tonight is the very last night for the buy one Sara Lee pie at $6.39 get one pie and two Breyer's ice creams for free, so if you want to get in on this deal- run to your store now!

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