Monday, November 16, 2009

Foodbank Challange

Moneywise Moms is currently hosting a $10 Foodbank Challenge, and I love the idea! I thought some of you might like to play along too. You can swing by her original post to read the rules and to share what you were able to buy for donation purposes with only $10. She's even offering a prize for 5 participants who share their shopping before November 29th!

Are you a local who wants to participate but aren't sure where to donate? Lots of food barrels are cropping up in stores and most (if not all) churches will take your food donations. I like to donate to St. Vincents, they're located off Callow Avenue in Bremerton (not the thrift store area, but the smaller office back behind the annex). You can also bring any non-perishables to the Kitsap Food Bank (located in Silverdale near the High School). Current high-need items include: peanut Butter, chili, soups, sugar, and canned tuna.


  1. This is a great idea!

    I spoke with someone on the phone recently from the Renton Food Bank about donations for Thanksgiving. They said the easiest thing is to bring non-perishables for the dinner and then you can donate money for the turkey. They suggest increments of $5, $10 or $15. They buy the Turkeys from Safeway and they get a big discount, so your money will go further. This is the week that they are accepting donations. Nov. 14-20th.
    Hope that helps for the south end of Seattle. :)

  2. Thanks for joining in, Maygan! And it's a great idea to point out where to donate locally.

  3. Thanks Maygan, There is a food drive at Fred Meyer stores in Bothell, Issaquah, and Renton on Nov. 18th too!

  4. Jane & Kim, thanks for leaving info on donating in your areas, I hope you'll pass this along for your readers to participate with too!

    Gina, thanks for stopping by, I'm excited about your challange!