Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly spending review

Okay folks, here it is. All of my shopping this week in one giant post. If you remember back about a month ago, I mentioned want to try to stay within a budget amount each week now that I've really got a stockpile going. My current spending limit per week is $50 but I'm trying to nudge it down to $40 a week. I did make one other Safeway trip for some produce and refried beans, but spent less than $10 on a gift card. Here is what I spent and where I spent it (you can click on the photos to get to the original post with details):

Albertsons: -$1.65 spent, $34.97 saved

Target: $4.52 spent, $10ish saved (for the Foodbank Challenge)

Target: $3.16 spent, $6.58 saved

QFC: $12.99 spent, $14.40 saved

Safeway: 16.97 spent (on a GC), $26.37 saved
That brings my total out-of-pocket spending to a mere $19.62, and my total saved to $92.32! For those of you who are new(er) to my blog- don't worry we're not eating cheese & scrubbing bubble sandwiches over here. Over the last few months- I've worked on building up a decent stockpile of food items (by buying multiples of items when they were at their lowest prices) and am currently reaping the benefits of not having to do much shopping at all. I love it!


  1. Good job! I would love to only spend $40 a week. Not quite there yet! I'm trying to only buy Thanksgiving dinner items this week though, so hopefully my total will be a little lower.

  2. Thanks Kim! I'm not quite at $40 a week either, but I'm trying to get there and I think it's possible (especially after doing so well this week1)!