Saturday, November 28, 2009

Safeway: Hamburger & a few other things

$12.77 out of pocket (and $15 in catalinas and $12.23 the gift card),
$32.51 saved ($15 of which was catalinas)
(and 2 gallons of milk, not pictured)
This was, by no means, a great shopping trip but I'm going to share it anyways because I am still learning and still have to buy things the regular way sometimes. The hamburger meat was on sale at a good price ($1.59/lb) and I had planned to buy more but there were only 2 packs out this morning and the baby was getting grumpy so we were in a hurry. We needed everything else pictured and will probably need to head back out sometime for more produce and milk (once I figure my menu plan for next week).

I hate that I keep paying so much for toilet paper and really need to work harder to look for deals on it. I paid $9.99 for 24 double rolls, which works out to be $0.42/double roll or $0.31 per"roll". It does get to be confusing with all the single roll, double roll, and triple roll information but this just gives me a new coupon goal! I'll keep you all posted on my progress, but if you have any suggestions or tips about what a good price is, please let me know!


  1. Nice to have you back. I'm happy to report the Safeway Can't Believe It's Not Butter deal worked for me, thanks to you! I got 14 for $13.86 and got back $19 in catalinas. I'm probably going to use my catalinas to get some of the $1.48 ground beef too. Getting good deals all the time is a challenge. I'm learning by trial & error for sure! Thanks for all the tips.(By the way, my baby started crawling on Thanksgiving!)

  2. Kim, I'm glad you got in on the deal! Mine's not quite crawling but he will be any day. He was working on it and then realized how well he can pull up on things so that's his latest fascination. He did figure out clapping on Thanksgiving though, super adorable cause everyone else was playing Beatles Rockband and he was clapping along.

  3. My motto is: "you win some, you lose some." I get frustrated too when I have to purchase something at full price, especially when it's just because I didn't realize how close we were to being out of something when it went on sale. I think it will take me a long time to get to the stage where I buy almost everything at it's lowest price! But now that I have enough storage and a chest freezer, I am hoping to get better at it.

    As far as the TP, I recently decided to stop buying the single rolls. I came to the conclusion that since I am the ONLY one in our house that will change the roll, I was doing it way too often! I think it's a better deal to get the double rolls. You might want to try if you want to compare prices on the TP. They have the price of the package and then the unit price as well. I've been targeting to pay between $0.40-0.60 for the double rolls. With the free shipping it might save you a hassle of one more store trip. Hope that helps! Here is the link to

  4. Thanks Jane!! I especially appreciate the tip about Alice (since it breaks it down). I guess in comparison the price I paid wasn't so bad, but this is not my favorite TP!