Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Okay, here is the plan. With the exception of a few veggies and egg roll wrappers, everything is from the stockpile for the next two weeks. I'm also planning/hoping to participate in MoneySavingMom's Baking/Freezer cooking day tomorrow! I'd like to get some baked goods done (pumpkin bread & single serve freezer pies) and frozen along with some breakfast type foods (waffles & poppyseed muffins). The toddler loves waffles so I think that'll be enough to inspire him to really help (he does like cooking with me). Wish me luck in keeping the (almost) nine month old happy as well!

Monday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, Cesar salad, and garlic bread
Tuesday: Chili dogs, baked potatoes, garden salad
Wednesday: Turkey breast, garlic mashed potatoes, corn, and brussel sprouts
Thursday: Stuffed Pizza Rolls and veggies (it's a dipping themed night!)
Friday: Turkey Pot Pie soup with crescent rolls (a modified version of this)
Saturday: Turkey Lo Mien and egg rolls (to use up every last bit of turkey!)
Sunday: leftovers or breakfast (bacon, waffles, eggs)
Monday: Teriyaki Chicken, rice, and steamed veggies
Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, roasted red potatoes (with garlic and thyme), green beans
Wednesday: Lumpia (using half the pork), a veggie stir fry, and rice
Thursday: Chicken Alfredo with salad and garlic bread, Cheese tortellini for the toddler

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