Saturday, October 31, 2009


Just one quick post to to wish you all a Happy Halloween! For a great list of Halloween freebies, head on over to ThriftyNWMom's blog. Plus, don't forget to guess how much I spent on a nearly couponless shopping trip at Safeway before midnight tonight- you might just win a $50 gift card to do some fun grocery shopping for yourself!

Our day is going well so far, everyone but the baby is already in costume and there were significantly less tears about it than last year- the promise of candy and other goodies does not seem to be working for the 2 year old, who would've thought? Neither did the fact that his costume matches the one the husband and I are wearing (we're all pirates- it's the theme until toddler speaks up for himself as to what he wants to be). However, with our Starbucks run this morning getting comped (due to what they called a "long wait")- we're all in pretty great moods!


  1. Happy Halloween to you too. I dressed my 8 month old as a Seahawks cheerleader and I couldn't even get her to smile for pictures! Too young for candy bribes this year. Darn!

  2. I'm sure that as the night went on and the sugar high kicked in it got better! I hope you post pictures.
    And I'm sick that I missed your give away!!! Next time!