Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My weekly spending review

I'm going to start doing this again, because it helps me to keep track of how I'm doing and keeps me from going overboard when there are great sales. This time around, I'll be keeping track of my spending on a weekly basis of Wednesday-Tuesday in order to simplify things for myself since that how the store sales (at the places I frequent most) run.

Besides the three Albertsons trips I made on Sunday and Monday, I also spent $8.80 at Safeway on milk, stir-fry sauce, pepperidge farm cookies, and some fresh veggies plus $1.49 on grapes at QFC. I also got in a quick stop at Walgreens and paid $.88 for 4 boxes of instant oatmeal and a pack of stickers. I did not do any other shopping between Wednesday of last week and now, nor will I do any more today. That brings my total spent on groceries last week to $42.03 and my savings total to $256.82 (87% savings), plus I have $13 in catalinas good for future purchases at Albertsons. I was trying to keep my spedning right around $40 a week so I am happy with where I ended up, especially since I was able to stock up on so many things we needed (plus a few things that are just nice to have on hand).

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  1. Still amazing me! Great job and thank you for always coming to see me!!