Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Safeway: Play Tag&Save with me!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw these window decals in-store over the weekend when I ran in for milk and a few other things. I literally did a crazy hand-clapping dancy move before grabbing one that I'm sure made me look just a little bit nuts.Except that I remember seeing blog posts about the new lower prices and the Tag&Save game months ago, and was really hoping we'd get to play too. I'm really very excited that our turn has come!!

Head on over to your local Safeway (if you're in the greater Seattle area) and get yourself one of these tags then put it on your back window and set your radio to Star 101.5. Every day between October 24th – October 30th, the radio station will be heading to one local Safeway store to spot a $1000 winner, and it looks like you'll have to listen in for tips. A new winner each day means that you've got 7 chances for it to be you!

Besides this awesome chance to win $1000 for groceries (and honestly, who couldn't use that?!?) I was pleased to see that these "new lower prices" are in fact lower. I'm a Safeway shopper by default, having done the majority of grocery shopping throughout my life there. I've always thought they had lower prices on day to day items and the price reductions only help! Make sure you wander around and keep your eyes peeled for the new bright yellow tags while you're there grabbing your decal!


  1. That sounds like fun! I might have to have our car more days so I can play too:)

  2. Honestly, it will help me keep the radio on and the TV off like it should be. Thanks!