Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dentyne gum- free at Safeway too!

Have you seen the Dentyne blinkies located in the coffee aisles of Safeway and Albertsons? Be sure to grab one (or three) because they should get you free gum this week! Dentyne is currently on sale for buy one get one free at both Fred Meyers and Safeway. The Buy one get one free coupons should pay for one pack, while the store pays for the other- and that means FREE gum for you (or older your trick-or-treaters).

edit: Safeway has the gum priced at $1.39 and the coupon is only supposed to be good up to $1.29...what that means for you? You should be charged $0.10 for every 2 packs you buy. Still, not a bad price!

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