Sunday, October 18, 2009

one more run to Albertsons today....

Spent $3.82, Saved $71.76
Yes, I was just at an Albertson's but I had to go back and do my real shopping (plus another GM promo trasaction). Here's the breakdown:

Transaction 1: $2.17 spent, $46.30 saved
  • Progresso Broth $2 (used $1 q)
  • 6 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $12 (used three $1 off 2 printables)
  • Cheerios $2 (used $1 printable)
  • Simply Cookies $2.50 (used $1 q)
  • 4 Crescent Rolls $6.67 (used four $1 printables)
  • plus 3 doublers and the $10 catalina from earlier today brought my total down to $2.17
  • I should have received $13 in catalinas, but they didn't print for some reason and the manager came over and credited my next transaction the $13 I should have earned.
Transaction 2: Was everything else in the photo. I used a $1 off any Reser's product coupon on the tortillas, a couple of $1 off 2 Arrowhead peelies, a "Buy One, Get One Free" coupon on the eggs, the store coupon in the ad to make the 2liters $.77 each, three doublers, plus the $13 credit to know my total (on most of the groceries I needed this week) down to $1.65. My savings show up as being $25.46.

I still have one $3 catalina left over today, and am debating going back for more of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. It's my husbands absolute favorite and he can eat it like you would not believe. The second store was out of the 5lb. bags of sugar for the promo (wish I had thought to get a raincheck!) and I didn't even look at the first store today. Think I just might have to head back!


  1. Great Trip! Were the Arrowhead peelies on the container that you purchased?

  2. Thank you! and no, the peelies were stuck to a sign with the price at my store. They're good on any multipack, so you could use them on larger packs if you wanted to pay for water.

  3. Your 2nd catalina didn't print because you used the one from your first trip to pay for your transaction. :) Happened to me too.

  4. supersaver, thanks for the comment- but I know that's not true seeing as how I did the same thing earlier that morning with no issue. This catalina does roll. The cashier said she hadn't had a single thing print from her machine all day.

  5. Awesome job. I go to two different Albertsons to do my deals. I'm kind of nervous to ask to do different transactions in a row using double coupons. Have you had any problems with this? Also, if you are using MF coupons, can you use the peelies in addition (ie. found on the pillsbury grands)? Thanks!

  6. Kim, thanks for stopping by! I like to go shopping when it's not busy, so the cashiers usually have no problem with me splitting my things into 2 or 3 transactions. If the store looks busier, I'll do one and take my items out to the car and then return for another trip. I did hit two different stores yesterday and did 2 transactions at each one. As long as you're not doing 4 or more in a row, you probably won't encounter a problem.

    The peelies on the Pillsbury grands are manufacturer coupons so you can't combine them with another form of manu. coupons. Still, the peelies and doublers do work out to be a good deal after you get the catalina. Hope that helps!