Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Easy Coupon Scenarios for you!

It's Tuesday, and instead of listing a "Thrifty Tip" I'm going to give you some easy coupon scenarios (using printable coupons) that you can go out and do EASILY for yourself! By no means do I expect you to run out and do all of these, you can- but it'd be silly and it's too easy to wear yourself out doing it. Just pick a deal you like or one for a store you're already planning to stop at and do that one deal. My hope is that it'll be simple and easy enough to help motivate those of you just learning to coupon. So, here you go:


Fred Meyers:
  • Buy 3 Pillsbury rolls, on sale 3 for $5
  • You'll need to print two $1 crescent roll coupons and one $1 sweet roll coupon (or vice versa)
  • You'll pay $2 after coupons but will get back a $2 catalina coupon (good on your next purchase). That makes them FREE.
  • Note: You can also print the $1 Bumblebee tuna pouch coupon here and use it to buy the small light tuna pouches for free this week.

  • Through Saturday: Buy 3 boxes of Kleenex @ $0.99 each
  • Use a $.50 off 3 blinkie or insert coupon from last weekend, if you have it
  • pay $2.98 (or $2.48) plus tax and get a $3 catalina good on your next order

Target: Cheap Pop Secret (from For The Mommas)
  • Buy 2 boxes of Pop Secret (3 count) @ $2.29 on sale for Buy One, Get One Free
  • Use this coupon for $1 off 2
  • Pay $1.29 for both boxes (or 65 cents each)


  1. I went and did the Kleenex deal finally tonight, super late--but I love getting paid to buy something we're going to use ALOT this winter! Wish I'd paid attention to this deal earlier, though, as we could have really stocked up--but 6 will be good for now.

  2. I should have looked at your post earlier. I didn't figure out the Cookie dough until 4:00pm yesterday and had to run out late last night to use up all my coupons. We tried the chocolate chip with caramel last night. Yummy! The rest will go into the freezer.

  3. Maygan, I couldn't find any Kleenex priced $0.99 at Safeway?!?! They were all $1.50 when you buy 4--what am I missing? I bought some, but am thinking of taking them back. Any thoughts? Thanks:)

  4. Rachael, I'm sure the price was supposed to go into this week. Are you still local? The two brem. stores have been out of the $0.99 variety most of the week (or it's hidden on a bottom shelf). They're the rectangular boxes only, if that helps...

  5. I must've missed those tags. I am sure they were out then, but I didn't even see where they were supposed to be. I will check again tomorrow maybe. Thanks Maygan!