Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grocery Outlet deals

Grocery Outlet: $7.56 spent
The bottom of the receipt says I saved $17.49 by shopping with them, but I'm not sure how accurate that estimate it. I went for the Tillamook Shredded White Cheddar because 2.5 lbs for $3.99 is a deal in my book- we love Tillamook products! They had 3lb bags of onions for $0.99 and 3lb bags of Fuji apples for $1.50. The ($0.99) cranberry juice was for me, I've been out and am currently trying to kick my soda habit so it'll be a nice change.

We also hit McDonalds for some sweet tea and "dessert" french fries because the church's school was doing a McTakeover. I got a coupon book as well even though we don't do McDonalds often...but it was for a good cause!

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  1. I just went to the Grocery Outlet today for the first time in years. I got those onions too, but I didn't see the cheese - what a great deal! We love Tillamook products too!