Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lovin' the GM promo at Albies

Spent $11.25, saved $77.26
...and I earned $13 in catalinas! Can you say $1.75 moneymaker??

I took my sister in with me and did a total of 3 transactions this morning (I did two, she did one). I spent a total of $11.25 out of pocket and ended with $13 in catalinas (the $10 GM and a $3 Pillsbury)- that's a small money making trip with somethings that I used to consider "splurges" (the pre-made broth and refrigerator cookie dough). Keep reading for the breakdown on how we did this!

Transaction 1:
  • 13 cartons Progresso Broth @ $2= $26.00
  • used 13 $1 progresso broth coupons
  • used 3 doublers
  • paid $10 and earned a $10 catalina (for spending $25 on GM items)
Transaction 2:
  • 6 cartons of Progresso Broth= $12.00
  • 5 Simply Cookies (Pillsbury)= $12.50
  • 1 can Green Giant peas= $0.75
  • used six $1 progresso broth coupons, five $1 simply cookies coupons, and 3 doublers
  • I used my $10 catalina (from trans #1) and $1.25 cash to pay, but received back the $13 in catalinas
Transaction 3:
  • 2 Wild Harvest Rice milks (one vanilla, one chocolate)= $4
  • 2 six packs Arrowhead water= $2
  • use two $1 WH coupons, a $1 off 2 multipack Arrowhead peelies, and 3 doublers to make this transaction FREE (my favorite!)


  1. Where do you find the $1 off Progresso broth coupons?

  2. I clip my q's so I'm not sure what insert they were in. You can probably find some on ebay or from a clipping service, although they may not get here in time! Sorry, wish I could be more help!

  3. You're incredible! I was going to ask the same thing about the Progresso coupons and wondered how in the world you had so many of them!! But from your response above, I guess I won't find out. =( But I do have another question, what exactly do you have to buy for the Pillsbury Catalina to work?

  4. Also, are there more Wild Harvest coupons available? Do you have the link?

  5. Sara, I'm not entirely sure why I have so many, I think I got most of them in random coupon trades (where you swap random envie of coupons you won't use yourself). The Pillsbury catalina works on all the rolls, the italian breads, and the cookie dough- fridge kinds only.

  6. forgot to mention, the WH coupon has not reset as of yet but I did get a few in a trade (I couldn't find a single store with Sara Lee deli meat so I swapped the IPs I had for ones I knew I could use).

  7. Thankis for answering my questions...and now one more. =) Where do you trade coupons?

  8. Any coupon/deal forum you visit probably has a trading post set up. Hot Coupon World, Pinching Your Pennies, and A Full Cup are just a few sites where people get together to share deals and swap coupons.