Monday, October 5, 2009

What to do with your Snuggle coupon

There's a lot of buzz about that $3 Snuggle Fabric Softener coupon that came in this weekend's inserts. Yes, you can use it to buy bottles of fabric softener for $0.99 at Safeway or even at Target and that's a pretty great price.

However a little shopping around pays off, I went online today to double check the prices at some stores near me. These $0.99 bottles are the 32 ounce size, you can find that same sized bottle at Albertsons for $0.75 after coupon. True, it's only a $0.24 difference unless you're stocking up- then that difference really adds up. If that doesn't interest you, consider that the 64oz. bottles of Snuggle are on sale this week for $3.99 as well. That's twice as much as you'd be getting at Safeway or Target for the same $0.99 after coupon! I know where I'll be using my coupons.

EDIT: I didn't see the larger bottle at my usual store today, but saw the price listed clearly online- so it may not be in all stores. Also, I'm hearing Kmart has the best deal on it as it's participating in a catalina deal over there (buy $50 worth, get $10/ buy $25 worth get $5). So, if you're planning a major stock up that seems to be the place to go.


  1. Great tips! I'll have to check out my Albertsons. I've been staying away from Kmart (esp since we don't have doubles), but may have to consider that.

  2. I bought the snuggle fabric softener sheets at Albertson's for $.99 after coupons. Each box is good for 70 loads so I thought that was a good deal.
    I don't shop at KMart too much, mine here in puyallup is never friendly and not stocked well.

  3. lol- I tend to stay away from my Kmart as a general rule, it's always full of crazies.

    Keana, I saw that too. We only use the dryer sheets and I'm torn between buying it now and maybe holding out for a sale since I just bought fabric softner sheets!

  4. haha Kmart is crazy! I was just trying to put it nicely, but unless they double I do not go there.

    I saved some of my coupons and only bought 3 boxes. I am have a big stock of softener but figured $.99 is still a great deal.
    When any laundry item is under a dollar I typically just go for it. I have so much in fact my laundry shelf is starting to bow! =)

  5. We didn't get this coupon. Boo Hoo! I looked on Ebay and they are selling for way too much. Oh well can't win them all.