Monday, October 26, 2009

Walgreens has lured me back

...between the shiny new store in town and an awesome deal on oatmeal (my mom was just telling me how she was out) I'm off my self-imposed Walgreen's break. Sorry about the dark photo, but it's way past bedtime and there's no way I'm turning on the kitchen light to risk waking the baby. I only did 2 transactions today, but will be heading back in this week to get more oatmeal- we use a ton of it for baking and it's an awesome donation item.

Spent $7.26, saved $13.29, have $5.50RR left
My out of pocket cost is a bit high, but I was starting out with no register rewards or coupons. That doesn't usually happen- but it does make for a nice starter scenario for you! The fiber and polligrip are going in my donation box, and the gum is going into the halloween candy tub. Here's what I did:

Transaction #1:

  • purchased 4 Oatmeal (marked at $3.19 or 2/$5 depending on your store. look for the smaller tub pictured above)
  • used the Buy one get one free coupon from Walgreen's ad (takes off $3.62)*
  • if you have any "$1.25 off 2 oatmeal" coupons- use them here!
  • pay $6.38, get back $5 in RR**

Transaction #2:

  • Trident Layers 2/$2
  • Super Poligrip, $2 (the small box, 0.75 oz)
  • Fiber choice tablets $2.49 (10 ct tube)
  • Used a "buy one get one free Trident Layers" coupon and my $5 RR from transaction 1
  • Paid $0.88 ($.49 of it in tax!) and got back a $1 RR (for the 2 packs Layers gum), a $2.50 RR (for Fiber Choice), and a $2 RR (from the Poligrip).***

*I realize that $3.62 looks wrong, but the oatmeal is actually supposed to be at $3.19 for the buy on get one free coupon to work. Four at that price would be $12.76 and half of that is $6.38, so it's right even though it looks wrong.

**If you're new to Walgreen's, it's important to remember that you cannot use RR to buy items from the same company because you will not get more RR. That's why the second transaction is made up of different items that produce RR.

***That adds up to $5.50 that I can use to buy more oatmeal later this week. I'll do transaction #1 again, this time using my $5.50 in RR to pay $0.88 out of pocket and will end up with another $5 RR.

That looks so much more confusing than it is, I promise! If you have any questions, feel free to comment with them below or email me. You can visit MoneySavingMom for more matchups this week!

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