Saturday, October 17, 2009

more free undies from Victoria's Secret!

Are you a member of Pink Nation yet? If not, then rush over here and sign up already! They've been offering great coupons and even some freebies. The current offer, valid 10/13-11/9, comes with two great coupons. One for $10 off any bra and the other is good for a free panty from the Pink collection (valued at $7.50). I went yesterday with my mom and sister to get ours, and they really have some cute choices.

Just a couple of note: be sure to sign up with your real name as some stores require ID's to claim your free panty! While you're over there, remember to play the Panty Jackpot. You can spin the wheel once a day to try to win more free panties (you're looking for the dog symbol to line up). Good luck!!

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