Thursday, October 1, 2009

Old Navy Thursday

It's Thursday once again and that means a shot at nifty coupons via the site. There was an announcement earlier today that the highest value coupon is going to be a $50 (off $100 purchase) so I'll be skipping the hunt this week. (I know, it's still a good coupon if you need clothing, but I don't and we're trying to ease into a new budget). Anyways, no to-do list today, I'm not interested in the ONW update and I'm taking things easy. Hope you all have a great day!!


  1. Guess what...they did have the $75's! But, so hard - no one got them! And the $50's were gone within less than a minute! :( Guess we can't trust anything ON says!

  2. LOL- I saw that! I got a cry for help from my little sister's bestfriend because she needed a coupon and got online about 10 minutes before the site updated. Talk about lucky, I snagged a $50 but could not figure out where the $75 were for the life of me!!