Thursday, October 22, 2009

Safeway: cheap chickens!

$12.72 spent, $11.75 saved (49%)
Albertsons is really not doing anything for me this week (even if we do get the rumored doubles)- and there's not much I really need, but I couldn't resist a good price on chicken! Here's the breakdown of my trip:
  • Nalley Chili $1
  • Cascade Dish powder $4.49 (minus $.50 ecoupon) $3.99
  • Precious String Cheese $3.49 (minus $2 peelie) $1.49
  • Halls Refresh Sample (found by the water bottles) FREE
  • 2 whole chickens ($3.13 and $3.02) $6.15
  • Broccoli $1.35
  • my 10% discount took off $1.65

If you do head down that way for cheap chicken, be sure to pick up your car decal so you can play Tag & Save starting on Saturday!


  1. I need to get some chickens too this week for that price! How did you get the 10% discount! Thanks!

  2. Kim, we had a new Safeway open up in the area and they sent out cards loaded with a one month 10% discount out in the mail. I think it's standard anytime a new store opens or has a grand re-opening in the area.

  3. Wow once again! I should just cut and paste the same answer on the comments! ;)