Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giftcard giveaway #2: let's play a quick game!

Now that you all know about Safeway's new lower prices, it's time to check them out in action! My original plan was to head to Safeway with no real plan and no coupon binder (I know, *gasp* no coupons!) armed with the very generous $250 GC they sent to me to check out their new low prices. Of course, I haven't shopped like that since back when I was first married and we had all kinds of disposable income- so the plan changed. Instead I went through the house and wrote down a list of all the things we needed and wanted (2 separate columns of course). Then I grabbed the ad and looked to see what the best deals this week were so I could add the ones I wanted to take advantage of to my list.

THEN I went shopping, and I left the coupon binder at home. That's right, I actually left my coupons behind. Of course, I'm not a total crazy- I looked for coupons in store and used $4 worth of coupons in addition to a number of ecoupons I already had loaded to my Club Card. The results of this crazy trip? I ended up buying a lot of the items on my "want" list, because they were tagged with new low prices and/or great Club Card prices! It was kind of interesting to shop like a normal (but somewhat budget conscious) person might and my savings were still very good. These new low prices really do make saving money easy.

You might be wondering how good? You'll just have to wait....because it's time for a game and a giveaway! See this photo below of my shopping trip? Good! Now imagine a bunch of bananas right there in front next to the hamburger meat (kind of what it might look like if my 2 year old hadn't helped himself to an entire bunch of bananas) and guess what I paid AND what I saved...

That's right! YOU get to guess, and you have two chances at this. I'll be selecting two winners and each one will receive a $50 Safeway Gift card. Here are the rules for this giveaway:
  • Winner 1: the person with the closest guess as to how much I spent on the items pictured without going over (we're playing this game Price Is Right style)
  • Winner 2: the person with the closest guess as to how much I saved without going over
  • You can submit a guess for both categories (total spent and total saved), but should do so in one comment
  • You may want to read through the comments to be sure your guess is not the same as someone else's. In the case that 2 people guess correctly, the first guess submitted will be the "winner".
  • You have until 12 pm PST on Saturday October 31st to submit your guesses. I'll announce the winner on Monday November 2nd.
  • Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you!
  • Want a clue? I kept track of the items I purchased with "new low prices" and they saved me an additional $8.15! That's more than the paper coupons I used in this trip!!


  1. I think you spent $37.00 and saved 79.00.

  2. spent $40
    saved $52

  3. I think you spent $42.50 and saved $50.

  4. I think you spent $44.90 and saved $32.

  5. I think you spent $46.98 and saved $37.62 (just to make the numbers random:) I love the fun things you bought-pepperoni and icecream would definitely have been on my list with $50 to burn! Yum.

  6. I think you spent $58 (and got a catalina for $3 for the Kleenex and $4.00 for the Pillsbury)

    I think you saved $42

  7. Spent: $43.53

    Saved: $25.47

  8. I'm sure you did an awesome job with $50. My guess is $55 spent and $45 saved!

  9. Spent: $30

    Saved: $40

    I'm stoked to find out the actual amounts!!


  10. my guess:

    spent $36.00
    saved $39.91

    raxed at hot mail dot com

  11. Since it's "Price as right" rules I'm going to say $1 spent and $32 saved. LOL

  12. My guesses:

    spent $49.02

    saved $33.00