Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I did all my shopping the other day when I felt better for a few moments in case things got worse. We're all still sniffly but rapidly improving. I wrote the menu plan last week, but there have been a few adjustments to it-here it is:

Monday: Chicken Fried Rice, veggies with dip, and Lumpia (wish me luck with that one!)
Tuesday: Leftovers- chili baked potatoes, salmon, and anything else in the fridge
Wednesday: we're doing breakfast- waffles, fruit, and bacon
Thursday: Taco and vegan chimichangas (and Beatles rockband) night. We're having some friends over and this is an easy way to feed a group.
Friday: Fish, rice, and veggies?
Saturday: Teriyaki Chicken drummettes
Sunday: (I'm leaving this one blank, if the weather is better the husband might grill or we might do pizza or stew from the freezer)

I did run back to Safeway to get 3 cans of refried beans and a big bag of tortillas. I used my catalina from the kleenex deal (it's over now) to help pay, so my total was only $2.21- not bad!


  1. Hi Maygan, Looks like a great menu plan for the week.
    Did you get any Albertsons doublers in your paper by chance? I got a $10/$50 coupon but no doublers like my family did in Spokane. Just wondering if you found them and I missed them?

  2. Jane, no doublers for us but parts of Oregon and Eastern Washington did get them. I'm not headed in because the $10/$50 isn't enough of a deal for me. I hope they don't make a habit of skipping us!!