Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Quick Target Trip

$8.56 spent, $6.95 saved
We were nearly out of diapers for the littler one (he's too chubby for his cloth dipes right now and still a bit too small to fit into enough of his brother's cloth yet) so we ran to Target to pick some up. I used a $3 coupon (from a home mailer) to make the diapers $5.99. The potatoes were only $0.44 after coupon (my mom needed one more box for her thanksgiving basket) and the cans of soup were $0.34 each after my $0.30 off 2 coupons (an insert q from a while ago).

If you were planning on heading out to our local Target for any of the deals I mentioned earlier, be prepared to get rainchecks instead (still worth the trip, if you ask me). There was only one other box of BC potatoes and a few cans of cooking soups (with the other soups), no stuffing mixes, and no cranberry sauce. However there were tons of Del Monte veggies left on an endcap- and that's an awesome deal!

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  1. I had a great run to Target last night too! I blogged about it here: