Saturday, November 7, 2009

QFC's Open House sale- today only!

If you've got a QFC around, you probably saw they've got a special "Open House" going on today with some pretty good sales. We headed down early, so the samples weren't out (but they were setting up) and I bought all this (and 2 gallons of milk):

$16.86 spent, $49.96 saved (75%)
  • The turkey was $.29/lb (they were out of the big ones so they marked down a 14lb for us) with a $10+ total purchase
  • The 7up was free with a $10+ total purchase
  • two gallons of milk were $3.48
  • The snuggle was part of the mix & match (buy 10, get $5 off) promo at $3.33 and I used two $3 coupons, so I paid $.33 per bottle.
  • The hot chocolate was $.50/box as part of the mix and match (not the best deal ever, but I'm an addict in the winter and $.05/pouch works for me!)
  • Garbanzo beans were $1.50 (I was feeling inspired to try hummus after the last baking day)
  • The chocolate milk was marked down to $.49 each (a frugal impulse purchase, maybe?)

I also spent $.50 buying a bag of salad (after finding a $1 coupon in the exchange basket) at Fred Meyers today while the husband got a haircut.


  1. Stink! That's what I forgot-snuggle. I meant to get some but had mommy brain or something. I probably just missed you-they had big turkeys when I went and got mine. I'm sure we'll run into eachother sometime (although I'm not sure what you look like so if I don't say anything that's why:) I'm baking my turkey right now!

  2. haha, I keep thinking I'll run into you at some point, but I don't think I've spotted you yet (Of course, i probably won't recognize you without your adorable kiddos). It would be funny though if we had just missed each other!

  3. I am bummed I missed this sale, I just couldn't fit it in to my day. I looks like you got some super deals!