Saturday, November 21, 2009

Safeway trip: ICBIMMBSB!

That's "I can't believe I made money buying stick butter!" for those of you who might have been wondering. Remember how I told you about FREE I can't believe it's not butter (good at Fred Meyer's, Albies, and Safeway)? Well, at Safeway it works out even better than free!

Spent: $15.06 on a gift card, saved $26.00, got back $17 in catalinas
The cashier was a little bit confused because, as he said, "it looks like you made money there" and I did! I would have done better if I had bought one more stick of butter but this was a quick trip and I wasn't thinking clearly. You might be wondering how I did this? The ICBINB sticks count for Safeway's Home For The Holidays promo (spend $25, get $5 back). I needed bread, but if you do just the butter, it works out like this:

13 butters @ $1.99 each = $25.87
used 13 $1 coupons
pay $12.87, get back six $2 catalinas and one $5 catalina

that's a $4.13 moneymaker! If I had added one more butter and used one more coupon, it would have been a $5.14 moneymaker, but I suppose I can't complain about making money on something I'd buy anyways! The only thing you need to watch is those ICBINB catalinas expire one week after they're issued- not the standard 2 week expiration date.

P.S. If you're a local, there's still plenty at the Safeway on Callow but I can't say the same for either of the other two locations in the area.


  1. Wow, good job! I wish I had that many coupons!

  2. how long does the home for the holidays promo go on? I am thinking about ordering some coupons online.

  3. Kim, I ordered about 15 coupons on ebay before the price jumped but there are a few different printable coupons with high print limits (5 or 6 each).

    Keana, the HFTH promo runs through November 29th so you should have plenty of time to order coupons if you hurry. The hard part might be finding enough in store depending on the number of couponers in your area, but these q's are good until february or something so I"m sure you'll find a way to use them!

  4. Wow Maygan you made out like a bandit! Ha ha nice work, I'm going to have to pull out my coupon organizer again :) you've inspired me

  5. I think I live an hour north of you! Very cool to meet another couponer(sp?) so close!

  6. Maygan,

    Great couponing! I was able to print (5)coupons from the link you provided and (5) coupons from the link that I have on my site. I have two computers to print from so (20) coupons. Thanks for the link. I'm going to run out this morning when this snow storm slows down.

  7. Thanks Heather, it's always nice to meet another couponer in the area!

    Michele, can't wait to see your score! I think I have enough for another run, and with the butter cats rolling, it's such an easy MM.

  8. Took advantage of the butter deal last night worked perfectly! Thanks SO SO MUCH!