Friday, November 13, 2009

FREE Scrubbing Bubbles @ Safeway

I really like Scrubbing bubbles so I'm super excited to share such an easy to find freebie with you! Scrubbing bubbles is currently on sale at Safeway, some have it tagged as "Buy one get one free" and other stores have it tagged as "$1.99 each when you buy 3 or more". (Note: just went tonight and while neither tag is up at my store, everything worked perfectly!) However, both sales are working and most stores have $2 off 2 peelies attached! Here's how it works:

Buy 4 bottles@ 2 for $3.98, 2 for $0.00
use two $2 peelies (found on bottles)
and it's all free!!

The second coupon might beep, but they should push it through. Some people have been told no, but I suppose that's because they weren't buying anything else and the store didn't want to pay them $0.02 to buy the cleaner. Just remember, you must buy at least 4 to make this deal work (and in multiples of 2). Odds are good you won't run into any issues with this, especially if you're purchasing other items. Even better, they qualify for the $5 SC Johnson rebate! To see what other good deals are currently available at Safeway, check out Frugal NW Living's post (just keep in mind that the doubles she mentions are not available here!).

Edit #2: I took a photo for you all with my cell this morning so you know what you're looking for (in case neither tag is up at your store). You can buy wither the yellow or green capped kinds (lemon scented and anti-bacterial- i think, might be fresh scent...whatever is in the green cap). See the little blue peelies attached? You want those too.


  1. Thanks, I'll check it out. Can't wait to see your blog when it's complete!

  2. I tried to buy the wrong one! I might have to go back tonight to try this. You're right, no tags whatsoever in Bremerton-lame!

  3. Rachael- that photo is from the bremerton store. If you didn't know the deal you'd have no idea that either part applied from our store! There were still plenty of bottles with peelies in bremerton over the weekend- hope you are able to find 'em!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on this and all the detail too. My mom and i were both able to do this deal, and I never would have believed it if I hadn't read about it here since there were no sale tags at all at my Safeway either!

  5. Thanks Sara- I"m really glad to hear you were both able to get in on the deal. There's nothing neater than finding freebies so easy to do!!