Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Albertsons trip: Lots of LOL Butter

$1.81 spent, $42.31 saved (96%)
I started out with a $5 catalina and ended with a different $5 catalina- so net cost and out-of-pocket cost are the same on this one. I did 3 transactions, the first of which was the 6 sour cream. I used 3 Buy one get one free coupons (from the paper months ago) and paid only $0.67. I did one set of 5 Land O Lakes butter with the Dan-o-nino for only $0.20 after coupons. The other set of LOL butter and the Ricotta (on markdown!) was only $0.94.

The "buy 5, get $5" catalina continues next week but the sale prices on the Land O Lakes butter will most likely change. You can find the $0.50 coupons for this in the Safeway Dairy coupon book. Heather at Queen Bee Coupons has the details on this deal.

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