Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Safeway O Organics: pick of the week

I hope you all have had luck in finding the $1 O Organics Safeway coupon in stores. Starting this week, I'm going to feature my favorite freebies/cheap O Organics products for those of you interested in finding the best use of your O Organics coupons! Keep in mind that the coupon will automatically adjust down if the item you purchase is on sale for less than $1- there will be no overage. Please remember that you can only use one O Organics coupon per transaction.

As in previous weeks, select jarred baby food ranges from $0.65 to $0.75 and will be free after coupon. O Organics yogurt cups are also still priced at $1.09 each, a mere $0.09 after coupon. A few other great deals are (prices shown are after $1 O Organics q):
  • $0.25: Whole Wheat Spaghetti - 16 Oz, Organic Whole Kernel Corn - 15 Oz, Organic Cut Green Beans - 14.5 Oz, Organic Sweet Peas - 15 Oz
  • $0.69: Carrots 1 Lb Prepacked (compare to bulk carrots at $1.09/lb. The 2lb bag of O Organics is only $1.19 after q)
  • $1.00: Baby Peeled Carrots 1 Lb Prepacked (next cheapest price on 1lb. baby carrots is $1.69)
  • $1.09: Vanilla/Plain Soy Beverage - 32 Fl. Oz.
I'll probably be buying the baby carrots again (such an easy snack food to have on hand for the toddler!) but I am tempted to pick up some of the canned corn&peas for only $0.25/can. What will you be using your O Organics coupons on this week?


  1. what area did you find the coupon book in? Thanks!

  2. thanks! ;) BTW I love your blog!

  3. Do you have to ask for the coupons books? Can you post a picture of what we are looking for? Thanks

  4. Anon- the O Organics coupon is actually on what looks like a fat glossy bookmark, the bottom part has the coupon and tears orr easily. Depending on your store you might need to swing by the pharmacy and ask for one each time you go it or they may give you a few.

  5. I looked around the pharmacy area but couldn't find it. What is written on it?

  6. I found them at one store, but not another. It's in one of those brochure display stands at the pharmacy counter. I wouldn't have even noticed it if I wasn't looking specifically for it. I saw the "O" at the top of it. It does look like a bookmark, with the coupon at the bottom.