Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Online sweeps worth playing

I know I haven't been doing TONS of posts lately, but we've been a little busier than usual around here. Today, I wanted to share a few online instant win games that are pretty win-able (is that a word?). You'll want to check them out, and if you win something, I'd love to hear about it!

Pace: FREE jar (up to $4): With 1 in 20 odds, and the ability to win up to 5 times- this is a good one to play daily. You can use it on any of their products, it's not just for salsa. It does require a code, but they have free code available as well so don't let that deter you. (I've won 3 times already)

BIC Soleil: 100 Days of Sunshine: It has some silly prizes (and some really nice ones), but almost everything comes as a pair so you can share with a friend.

Safeway Dairy Adventure: You have a chance to win gift cards (always awesome) or fun summer items. You don't actually have to play the weird dairy dunk game, there's a "skip game" button to watch for.

Dove Glee for All: You can spin the wheel 3 times daily for a chance to win free haircare products or Glee related prizes. I won a haircare product after trying for about a week.

Are there any other instant win games you're playing? I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. There is also a best foods one that you can play everyday. Haven't won yet...but I did win on the Dairy Adventure.