Monday, June 28, 2010

Rite Aid (again)

$8.65 spent, $72.35 saved
plus I still have $8 in +UP Rewards
I couldn't help but go back- seriously, who can resist deals like this on things we use and like to use?! In addition to the $8 in UP Rewards, I've also qualified for $4.99 in Single Check Rebates ($2.99 on the toothpaste, and $2 for the Luvs diapers) but I don't like to count those until I'm spending them (or depositing them). Without including those, my net cost is only $12.65. It's a lot like what I did earlier but here's how things worked anyways:

Transaction #1:
  • Crest 3D White Strips $29.99
  • used $5/$25 coupon
  • used $10 Crest White Stripes coupon
  • used $1/$10 Oral Health +UP Reward
  • used $12 +UP rewards (from earlier today)
  • paid $3.62, saved $39, and earned another $12 +UP reward

Transaction #2:

  • Luvs $15.99
  • Crest 3D White mouth rinse $2.59
  • Crest ProHealth toothpaste $2.99
  • Starburst $0.88
  • 2 M&M's $0.88 (on sale bogo)
  • 2 Stayfree $3.99 (on sale bogo)
  • Used $5/$25
  • used $2 Luvs coupon
  • used bogo M&M's coupon
  • used bogo Stayfree coupon
  • used $12 +UP rewards from transaction #1
  • paid $5.03, saved $33.35, earned $2 +UP rewards for the mouth rinse and $6 +UP rewards for the Luvs
Curious about all the $5 off $25 purchase coupons I seem to have? On Rite Aid's Video Values site, you can watch 2 separate ads for RA and each one will allow you to print a $5/$25 coupon. You can also earn points by watching other ads (each one will allow the print of a unique RA coupon) and 20 points will get you the $5/$20 coupon. The last $5/$25 I used was a welcome coupon for signing up with the Wellness program.

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