Thursday, June 17, 2010

Safeway Trip: I used RR successfully!

$7.57 spent, $28.19 saved (79%)
This trip is nothing spectacular, except for the fact that I was able to use Register Rewards from Walgreens to help pay down the cost of my groceries! I had a trip earlier this week where my RR were refused (for a range of reasons, and the manager on duty didn't seem to be informed of the new policy). When I heard that another local Safeway was accepting them, I headed in again (ready with my printed copy of the new policy) and went straight to CS to find out for myself. The lady working CS initially said no because she was sure Safeway didn't take any catalinas printed by other retailers, but after reading the new policy she called for the manager. He came by, and headed back into the office for a moment to double check, but came back out and said they were accepting them until they heard otherwise (he did double check my RR to see that they qualified). It was super exciting to get the go ahead and I was thrilled to encounter a friendly and informed manager- you can bet I'll be shopping this store more often! HOORAY!! Thanks Safeway!!

Nothing I bought today was an especially awesome deal (with the exception of the O Organics Raisins for $1.50 after coupon) but we're having people over this weekend to celebrate kiddo #1's 3rd birthday and while the husband is insisting on ordering food from Azteca- I had planned to make ceviche. I did splurge some on the frappucino and doughnuts but I figured I deserved a treat for sticking with it this week and to making my RR work for groceries.

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  1. they just changed their policy....#9. Looks like they'll only accept catalinas for specific items now. :(