Monday, June 7, 2010

We're back!

We had a very muddy but successful camping trip with the kiddos this weekend. We actually got in yesterday and took advantage of the FREE Papa John's pizza for dinner (there's nothing like a completely free pizza). I'm back to menu planning as of today, here's what I'm working on for this week:

  • Monday: Hamburger with pork n beans, salad (w/lettuce from the garden!)
  • Tuesday: Not sure yet, both boys have a doctor's appointment so I'm waiting to see how they do with that.
  • Wednesday: Whole chicken with roasted veggies
  • Thursday: Stir Fry w/leftover chicken, broccoli, and carrots on rice
  • Friday: Black Beans and Brown Rice
  • Saturday: Another not sure here, we'll be getting a couple of dogs for the week so my "maybe plans" of trying a new dish with the shrimp I picked up a bit ago might not go through...

I'm working on my grocery list at the moment as well, we're out of milk so I may need to make a quick trip to Safeway. I'm also hoping to swing by Albertsons tomorrow for some FREE Land o' Lakes spreadable butter (or else rainchecks on that- Thanks Queen Bee!). Fred Meyer would also be nice what with their cheap grapes, yogurt, and bagels (check The Coupon Project for a great matchup!).


  1. my son has the same green and brown pjs! :D

  2. Your boys are adorable, Maygan!

  3. Diana- too funny! My friend and her mom actually picked them up- I love dinos!

    Thanks Meg!