Friday, June 11, 2010

A non-deal post

I am on the hunt for a delicious (from scratch) almond poppy seed muffin recipe. I've had great luck in the past googling for recipes and then picking one that sounds about right, but recently? NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. I found something that looked delicious yesterday, but after following directions exactly- they were a fail: they looked and tasted so bad there was nothing that could be done to save them. Honestly, even the littlest one (who very recently tried to eat used coffee grounds from the trash) wouldn't touch them. That's bad.

Really, I'm not a bad baker- promise. I also don't want to spend $2.50 for a box mix (on sale) or use the (yummy) costco copycat recipes that start you off with a box of cake mix. Does anyone know of a great almond poppyseed muffin recipe? Or know of a place I should search?

The photo above is of a yummy looking lemon poppyseed muffin that is the very next recipe I'm going to attempt to modify (we're not big lemon fans). Of course, I'd still LOVE your input.


  1. I can't get to my copies right this minute, but I'd search for Cook's Illustrated recipes. Basically, they decide they want to make something and try every recipe they can find. Then, they start making alterations until they get it perfect. Everything I've tried from their recipes have been fabulous.

  2. Try searching ... it's my absolute favorite recipe site!!

  3. has great recipes and i agree with the cook's illustrated sugestion too!