Monday, June 14, 2010

My Walgreens trip: gotta use up those RR!

3 transactions: $11.20 spent, $36.60 saved
I had $10 in Register Rewards set to expire tonight, so while I was out doing my best to find silver sprinkles (would you believe the local Michael's was all out of silver cake decorating items) and mostly couponless, I swung by Walgreens to roll some RR quickly. I will be getting back the full purchase price of $7.99 for the Schick Hydro (thanks to For The Mommas for posting about the rebate this morning!). I did have some $1.50/1 Neutrogena coupons in my purse (just in case the bars of soap ever come back into stock) which made the face wash a bit of a moneymaker- here's how that works out:
  • Buy 3 Neutrogena facewash @$4.11 each (sale price)= $12.33
  • use 3 $1.50/1 coupons (from last month's Safeway book)
  • pay $7.83 plus tax, get back a $10 Register Reward
  • (If you're going to pay with RR, you'll need a filler. I used a $.25 box of lemonheads and a $4 RR. I paid $5.16 and got back the $10RR)

It's certainly not my best Walgreens trip ever, but for planning while in store- it's not terrible. After I get my rebate, the net cost of this trip will have been $2.21 and that's not bad.

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